A quarter of EU electricity comes from wind and solar energy

It is not news that energy prices have skyrocketed in the wake of the war in Ukraine. Hundreds of thousands of households are already struggling with the consequences. Energy saving is more topical than ever. The heating is reduced by one or a few degrees and electrical appliances are used less or remain switched off. The demand for solar panels can no longer be kept up and windmills work overtime – if the wind blows. Within the EU, since the start of the war, the energy crisis has ensured that in the past six months (March to September) almost a quarter of all electricity consumed was generated with wind or solar energy. The energy and climate think tank Ember has calculated this.

345 TWh from sun and wind
Between March and the end of September, the sun and wind generated 345 Terawatt hours (TWh) of electricity in the EU, 13 percent (39 TWh) more than the year before. Wind energy accounted for 192 TWh of this and solar energy accounted for 153 TWh. In total, these figures mean that 24 percent of all electricity used in the EU came from the sun or wind during this period. In the same period in 2021 this was 21 percent. Compared to a year ago, the EU has saved about 8 billion cubic meters of gas over this period, about 11 billion Euros.

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